Who’s Dave?

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Dave is dedicated to helping you shorten your learning curve while achieving Amazon mastery. He knows firsthand how frustrating it can be getting started making money on Amazon. He has tried many things – many of them did not work. Some did. This site represents one man’s tried and tested information on Amazon. All of the best strategies for understanding Amazon and making it as profitable as possible will be shared here.

About AMZ Prof

Learning how to make money on Amazon is life changing.

In 2015 Amazon generated over $100 billion in revenue.

The site offers almost everything imaginable to buyers spread out across the globe.

Why should you care?

Simply put, the potential to make serious, sustainable income through Amazon is almost unparalleled.

No matter whether you want to –

  • Help match buyers with the perfect product they are looking for,
  • Release the book you’ve always wanted to share with the world,
  • Or even create your own products and distribute them easily…

Amazon offers all this and more!

At AMZProf, we know firsthand the many ways in which income from Amazon can free up your time, help you escape the dreaded day job and begin to live the life you desire.

We also know how frustrating it can be getting started.

The online world is full of advice – often confusing and contradictory.

Our mission is to help you cut through the noise and find tried and tested tips on making the most of Amazon’s many opportunities.


Make yourself comfortable – class is in session.